Jelqing Routine For Best Results

How to do Jelqing Routines Effectively To Get The Best Results

Men want to have a greater penis length so that they can have better self-confidence and a better sexual experience with their partner in bed.

One of the effective ways of doing this is through the jelqing routines which is proven to get the best results.

This will improve the length and hardness of the man’s penis and do the jelqing routine is the best way to begin.

What is Jelqing exercise?

Jelqing is a penis enlargement exercise which will naturally bring an increase in the length of a man’s penis.

A man’s penis can increase in length and girth till 2 inches that is only if the person will be dedicated every time while doing their jelqing exercise routines.

The exercise can be done for around 5-20 minutes for at least 2-5 days in a week.

If the routine is performed well and correctly and not overdone then it is a safe exercise to do.

How to perform Jelqing exercises?

It is important that the person first begins with reading all the important instructions and all FAQs regarding Jelqing exercises before beginning with the exercise.

It is essential to know all the warnings and tips to be considered before beginning with the exercise. Basic Jelqing exercises comprise of a four-step process which should be done in a simple fluid motion.

1. Lubricating:

It is important for the man to first lubricate their penis before beginning the jelqing routine. Lubrication can be done either with baby oil, Vaseline or any other penis lubricant. Do not begin jelqing exercises without lubricating your penis.

2. The level of Erection:

The man should first begin by bringing their penis level erection at least 50-75 percent. Do this by gently stroking your penis.

While the erection is being developed, the person’s penis is in a relaxed position and blood can easily be pushed to it. Jelqing exercises should never be performed when the man has a full erection.

3. Use The OK-Grip:

While grasping your penis, the person should use their thumb and the pointer finger so that the two fingers make an o-shaped circle, which is called the OK-grip.

4. Starting at the base:

The penis should be faced downwards and the person should first begin by holding the base of their penis. Once, you have gripped it, hold your hand as close to your pubic bone.

5. Move upwards:

With the other hand, the person should hold the tip of their penis and slowly start moving it in a slow motion. This is putting pressure on the tip of the penis but it doesn’t hurt. But there is blood flowing in the upward of the penis.

6. Stop before glans:

The grip should be stopped directly before it reaches the glands. With this, you should know that one jelq has been completed and on an average, a jelq takes around 2-3 seconds.

7. Repeating the process:

Once, the first jelq has been completed the person should repeat the process for the minimum amount of time for the day. Supplements are very helpful in the growth process