How To Make A Homemade Penis Pump

How To Make A Homemade Penis Pump

How You Can Make An Effective Homemade Penis Pump?

It is first important for a you to understand how or what purpose is a penis pump used.

If you know this, then constructing or making a homemade penis pump wouldn’t be so difficult.

A penis pump helps in creating a vacuum which helps in bringing more blood to the penis so that it can maintain an erection for a longer period.

After knowing this, the person may find making a penis pump much easier.

It’s important to first know what is necessary requirements for making a penis pump and the risks that are involved in it.

That said, if you’re are willing to take the next step then read on.

The Materials To Make A Homemade Penis Pump

– Empty plastic bottle. The size of the bottle will depend on the current size of the erect penis.
– A vacuum having hose which has a reverse functionality.
– Cutting tool.
– Gauze or Cotton.
– Tape.

How to make a penis pump?

1.  Cutting:

The first step begins by making the penis pump to form the shape of the plastic bottle. The base of the bottle needs to be cut off first for all the edges to be similar and uniform.

If the hose can directly fit on the cap of the bottle then no manipulation would be needed. If it can’t then the capped top of the bottle also can be cut off.

2. Lining the bottle:

The penis will be placed inside the plastic bottle and the base of the bottle will be pressed near the groin area.

So it is important to line the bottle with a softer barrier so that any risks of scratches occurring on the penis can be avoided.

Make it first by taking cotton gauze and put it on the bottom of the bottle. Also, do not cause any hurt to yourself while doing it.

Also, there should be plenty of room so that the penis can easily fit in the bottle once it’s fully erect.

3. The vacuum:

The hose end of the vacuum should first be put on the capped portion of the bottle. But first, remember to remove the cap of the bottle before putting the hose.

After putting it, if there is space then it needs to be made tighter by putting tape on the bottle. Air shouldn’t enter from that area as the vacuum won’t happen.

Use how much ever tape needed to make it compact and no air to enter inside the bottle.

4. Testing the pump:

Once the pump is ready, it has to be tested so that there isn’t any problem. Take your penis and place it in the bottle.

The base of the bottle needs to be secured in the groin area.

The hose vacuum should then be switched to suck mode and turned on.

Once the blood starts flowing in the penis and it gains erection, this means that the penis pump has begun functioning. If it doesn’t, it means that no vacuum is being formed and so it should be taped even more.