How To Measure Your Penis Size Correctly

All men do begin thinking at some point in their life about the size of their penis once they are sexual active with their partner.

Having a smaller penis than the average length can have many worried and most begin looking out for ways to increase its size.

But knowing the correct penis size is important for a person for some reasons such as selecting the perfect condom size.

So the person should first have an erect penis so that you know how to measure your penis size correctly.

Having a half erect penis or a limp penis will not give the correct penis length for the person. So you should know when your penis has obtained proper erection.

Measuring the length of the penis size correctly:

The best way to measure the penis size length correctly is by using a ruler or a measuring tape. It will correctly provide the current inch size of the penis.

Take the ruler or tape and place it at the base of the penis while it is erect.

While measuring, the person should press their pubic bone as fat is also known to reduce or hide the actual length of the penis.

Pressing the pubic bone can help giving the actual penis length.

The penis should be measured by first marking the length of the penis from the base right up till the tip of the penis.

Measuring The Girth Of The Penis:

To measure the circumference or thickness of the penis, the person needs to use a piece of thread or string which is soft and can give the right girth of the penis.

The string should gently be wrapped around the penis on the thickest part of the erect penis.

Mark the length where the string ends.

This distance of the string needs to next be measured by a ruler or a soft measuring tape. This is to just know the measurement of the girth of the penis.

Measuring the width of the penis:

Knowing the diameter or width of the penis helps the person in knowing the correct size of their penis if they want the measurement for condoms.

The diameter of the penis can be decided by knowing the girth measurement of the penis. That measurement should then be divided by 3.14.

The final answer obtained is the actual width of the penis.

How to find your average size of the penis:

After measuring the size of the penis, the person has a good idea and then need to compare the size of their penis with the average penis sizes.

Average erections of a penis length are around 5.5 to 6.3 inches.

Average girth is in between 4.5 to 5.1 inches.

The average width of a penis is around 1.4 to 1.6 inches.

How To Double Check Your Correct Penis Size:

It is important that the person knows the accurate of their penis size. So they should repeat the process so that they know that their penis size isn’t varying.