How To Make Your Dick Bigger Using Penis Extenders – What You Need To Know

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

How to get a bigger dick without pills

Most men looking for how to get a bigger penis run into some sort of information on penis extenders.

The concept of penile extenders is derived from the fact that when muscle tissue breaks down, the cell has to split and duplicate.

This splitting of cell and its duplicating results in larger appearing penis. To achieve this goal, penis extender applies tension on your penis by pulling it.

Although, this concept looks appealing on paper, but in reality it’s not at all easy to use and is highly unsafe for the health of your penis.

Basically, this technique is the modern variation of the old weight hanging technique that was used by our ancestors.

How Safe Are They?

If your a guy out there asking how to make your dick bigger you may think extenders could be the safe option you are looking foe but on the contrary, weight hanging is regarded as the most dangerous method for penis enlargement by most medical practitioners.

Medical experts believe that penile extenders are highly dangerous and this method can have serious side effects, such as ligament damage, deformity, painful erections, stretch marks and even impotence.

Additionally, all the penis extenders stretch the penis in one direction, which means that even if you gain any length it would probably be at the expense of girth size. Therefore, after taking so much risk you will end up with a penis that is slightly longer but considerably thinner.

So when look it comes to risk-reward scenario, you will realize that the risk involved with using penile extender is far more than the reward you can hope to gain.

We highly recommend you should consult your doctor before undergoing any approach to penis enlargement that may compromise your health. Here’s a link to a great article on  that will help you understand the different options available.